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Saoirse Amira Anis – Artist Spotlight

With Art Night Dundee’s one month to go mark fast approaching we thought now would be a great time to start introducing the artists we’ve been working alongside on our ten major new commissions. We recently caught up with Saoirse Amira Anis, a proudly Dundee-based interdisciplinary artist, about their performance for Art Night: an extension of her solo presentation at Dundee Contemporary Arts – ‘symphony for a fraying body’ – which opens tonight (19th of May 2023) at 7pm!

⭐We are very excited to visit your solo presentation ‘symphony for a fraying body’ at Dundee Contemporary Arts opening on the 19th of May 2023. Could you talk about the relationship between the exhibition and your performance for Art Night?⭐

‘My performance for art night is basically an extension of the show. There’s kind of three layers to it – the film which seeps out into the gallery, which then will seep out into the performance. I also wanted to make a direct connection with the Tay – the beautiful silvery constant in my life – but it didn’t quite happen, so this performance is the perfect chance for me to include that body of water I love so much.’

⭐What role does water, landscape, and the local coastal context of Dundee play in your work and thinking?⭐

‘I’ve always loved water – watching it, being in it, listening to it – and the ocean feels like the perfect metaphor for all of life as I see it – constantly morphing and filled with connections and interdependences. In my art practice, I really enjoy placing myself (or in this instance, a mythological metaphor for myself) in the landscape, almost as a grounding practice – a reassurance that I belong and can be at ease here. For those that know astrology, the fact that I’m a Pisces Sun, Scorpio Rising and Taurus Moon will probably explain all of that better than my words can.’

⭐How do your local communities in Dundee influence the work you make?⭐

‘Nothing that I make is ever made in a vacuum, and my community network in Dundee (and beyond) are instrumental in my ability to get out of bed, never mind make work.’

Thank you so much Saoirse for answering our questions, we are really looking forward to seeing your performance and costume for Art Night, designed by curator Sabrina Henry and textile artist Dr Sequoia Barnes. For full details on Saoirse’s performance visit Saoirse’s corner of our website or check out What’s On at DCA.

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