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Artist Spotlight – Emma Hart

Up next for our artist spotlights is Emma Hart, an artist who makes exuberant sculptures, predominantly in ceramics, which actively confront the viewer. For Art Night Emma brings ‘BIG UP’, a celebration of raving – an ongoing, fundamental force for good in her life. The work features a series of sculptures that have their hands in the air – Hart thinks of them as artworks to dance around with the spirits of the solstice. This is a co-commission with Hospitalfield.

The work is accompanied by a live soundtrack from DJ Lucy Jam Tart and DJ Arty Harty Party. We’ve recently caught up with Emma Hart to ask a little more about what this will be like…

⭐For Art Night Dundee you will present euphoric sculptures celebrating rave culture. What is most exciting to you about making work in a public space, for a one night only, night time festival?⭐

‘It’s exciting to switch up the normal demands of sculpture and make it behave like it’s been to a rave (one night only, and starting to look a bit wild after a few hours). It means me and the work and the audience are all in the same spot – giving it large on the dancefloor.’

Emma Hart, Raver, 2021. Image courtesy of Barakat Contemporary.

⭐We loved your show at Fruitmarket earlier this year Emma, and your sculptures are currently installed at Hospitalfield. Do you think you’ll keep coming back to Scotland? (please do!)⭐

‘Since starting with the Fruitmarket, then hanging out in Hospitalfield and working with Art Night I have had some great laughs and made some solid good mates. I won’t be able to cope for long without you and them, so I’ll be back! For sure!’

Emma Hart, Oi Oi, 2021. Ceramic speech bubble. Photo: Ollie Hammick. Image courtesy of The Sunday Painter.

Thank you so much Emma for answering our questions, we are really looking forward to seeing what you do on the 24th of June in the Greenmarket Car Park. If you’re looking for more of Emma’s work don’t forget to visit ‘BIG TIME’ – a series of ceramic sundials in the Gardens at Hospitalfield, Arbroath. Now open to the public until the 29th of October 2023. You can also support Emma Hart by checking out new book ‘Poor Things’, launched last month at Fruitmarket.

Featured image credit: Portrait by Emiliano Barbieri at Mamma Mia! courtesy of the Collezione Maramotti.

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