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Artist Spotlight – Richy Carey

Up next for our artist spotlights is Richy Carey, a sound artist and composer who lives in the Isle of Skye. Richy is bringing {stereo – type – music} to Art Night, a performance, installation and newsprint publication drawing together Richy Carey’s work with choirs, community groups and other collaborators across Dundee. This is a co-commission with The Tetley, Leeds with support from Creative Kernow and The Elephant Trust.

We’ve recently caught up with Richy Carey to ask some more of his time preparing for Art Night Dundee as well as some past involvement…

⭐Collaboration plays a big part in your practice, is it true that you’ve worked on some Art Night projects in the past?⭐

‘It does indeed, thinking about collaboration is probably the thing that ties all my work together. Two years ago I helped Isabel Lewis with one of her “occasions” which was a co-comission between Art Night and ATLAS arts in the Isle of Skye where I live, and prior to that, in a very, very small way, helped Zadie Xa stage her Art Night commissioned work “Child of Magohalmi and the Echoes of Creation” when it came to Tramway in Glasgow.’

⭐The city of Dundee has been a major collaborator for {stereo-type-music} – its history, its accents, its people – can you tell us about the groups you’ve been working with and how you’ve found the city?⭐

‘I’ve had a great time making {stereo – type – music} with loads of groups around the city. I’ve been able to visit and record sounds at DC Thomson’s huge printing press at Kingsway, at John’s small handmade press at Quarto Press in Coupar Angus, we’ve created graphic scores and sung some verbal scores with Alice Marra’s choirs loadsaweeminsingin’, Lochee Linties, and Duende Voices, I’ve done field recording and graphic score making with the third years at Morgan Academy, explored Stobswell using field recorders with members of Arthurstone Youth Art group, and David P. Scott recorded a whole load of brilliant conversations with Dundonians on the street reminiscing about the sounds that newspaper sellers used to shout out. All these sounds are folded up together into the sound work we’re creating for the performance at Baxter Park for Art Night. The thing that’s come up again and again for me is just how welcoming and chatty folk are in Dundee. {stereo – type – music} has a lot to do with conversation, and this has definitely grown out the openness of the Dundonians I’ve met to making time for other people.’

Thank you so much Richy for answering our questions and telling us about some really special moments in Dundee. Also, you can catch {stereo-type-music} again in July 2023 at The Tetley, Leeds!

Featured image credit: Jassy Earl

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