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Art Night Cycle Tour with Dundee Cycle Hub

🚲Dundee Cycle Hub, in partnership with Art Night, will be providing a tour of the Art Night Dundee event via bike!🚲

This will be an opportunity to explore the programme in an active, sustainable and fun way, guided by the Dundee Cycle Hub. Using the DCH rental bike fleet, you will have the opportunity to get around a lot of the venues across the city, allowing you time to visit performances and take part when we arrive at destinations through the evening.

There isn’t a guarantee you’ll get to see all of the programme, but that’s not the aim of the tour; which is to have a fun, active way of taking part!

There are limited spaces for this event, so book your tickets now!

Book your free spot via Eventbrite!

Due to the limited capacity you’ll be expected to stay with the group for the duration of the cycle tour. Please arrive at the Dundee Cycle Hub in plenty of time to get helmets and bikes fitted correctly. To participate you are expected to be able to do the following: Be able to start off, balance, stop safely, break safely and turn on your bike.

Route – Counter clockwise tour of the Art Night Programme around Dundee. At present there is not a timetable of venues that are going to be stopped at – instead Dundee Cycle Hub will draft this closer to the date and be as flexible with the groups needs and wants as possible.

Description of the route = On Road, Cycle Lanes and Shared Paths
If you have any questions or concerns during the ride you can ask our Leader or any of our volunteers who are identifiable through Dundee Cycle Hub clothing.

Pace = Easy pace.

Dundee Cycle Hub will conduct a quick safety check of everyone’s bikes before heading off and ensure everyone is confident on their bike. They will also brief you on the route and any road/group riding etiquette you need to know. You will ride as a group but if you decide that you want to finish early then you can let the Leader know so they can mark you off on their records.

No alcohol is to be consumed before or during the ride. If you are intoxicated, Dundee Cycle Hub will not allow you to take part.

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