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Artist Spotlight – Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley

Up next in our artist spotlights is Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, a Berlin/London-based artist who works predominantly in animation, sound, performance, and video game development. 

For Art Night Danielle’s ambitious new commission alerts us to meteoric gulfs in the world as we know it.

Presented at the historic Arthurstone Library in Stobswell, Brathwaite-Shirley presents an art video game that allows audiences to interact and perform with the work. Watch the trailer HERE!

At Keiller Centre audiences are invited to imagine their own “mid-apocalyptic” resetting of the world, through zine making and poster printing. A digital version of Danielles zine can be seen HERE!

We’ve recently caught up with Danielle to ask what this might entail…

⭐Danielle, you’re making an interactive video game for Art Night! Can you tell us a bit more about it? ⭐

‘I am making this game using UPBGE, an engine that is an offshoot of the 3D modelling programme blender.

The game I am building is called the lack. It stars in a fictional world where the voice of a lost god has returned. Its return causes the laws of physics to rewrite themselves. Through playing the game you get to experience those who are present during this transformation. 

It’s a messy game that will be played by physically stepping in a crater. Interaction through the game not only comes from pushing buttons also, sometimes the game will ask those in the space to provide something. This could be a conversation, voice acting, music , chants.

I think it’s best to think about it as a rule changer. The more you play the more you change the rules of the space in game and in reality.’

THE LACK: I knew your voice before you spoke, video game stills, 2023

⭐We’ve loved hearing you talk about zines with our partners at NEoN and how interested in their collection you were when you had your first site visit here. Can you tell us a bit about your own relationship with zines?⭐

‘I am an avid zine lover. I feel you get a range of stories that often stay within a zine and never leave. 

Zines have this way of pulling a story out of someone who thought they were not ready to tell a story. In fact this whole project started with a zine I did myself. 

I often have rules I try to stick to when building my 3D worlds and zines are often approached with limits in mind (time, money etc). For me these limitations allow an essence of someone’s soul to be captured in a snapshot of making. 

A snapshot that is often honest, rough and loud.’

THE LACK: I knew your voice before you spoke, video game stills, 2023

Co-commissioned with NEoN Digital Arts and Serpentine.

Featured image credit: Dan Weill Photography

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