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Last but not least in our artist spotlights series is Lucy McKenzie, a British artist based in Brussels. She graduated with a BA from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in 1999. Her Work combines traditional oil painting, alongside collaborations in fashion and furniture, design, curation, writing and publishing.

For Art Night Lucy presents ‘Náhrdelník’ (Necklace) a new film consisting of found footage, culled from YouTube, of the 1992 Czech television drama of the same name.

Echoing the modernist architecture and interior in the film, Náhrdelník (Necklace) will be screened inside Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Oak Room, an iconic example of Scottish modernist design until Sunday 9 July 2023. With thanks to Glasgow Life (Glasgow Museums) on behalf of Glasgow City Council.

⭐What themes can Art Night visitors expect to find in your film ‘Náhrdelník’?⭐

‘I often work with appropriation – inhabiting an existing form to give new context and meaning – in this case of an old tv drama. Through this I can explore the phenomena of high art forms migrating through to mass culture. The use of historic locations for film and tv are great, because that’s a cosy and familiar form to the many people who otherwise might not care about art or design.

The film creates a new narrative with old footage. I’ve been exploring the structure of narrative fiction for a while now, and tv is a very special case – I watch a lot of tv. I am curious about the way TV drama, as a conservative form, is able (or not) to incorporate and process certain difficult topics – its strengths and limits.’

Lucy McKenzie, Náhrdelník (Necklace), film still, 2023

⭐What does it mean to you to present ‘Náhrdelník’ in Dundee?⭐

‘I want the discussion around design to be subversive and subjective. So I’m really happy to present it in Mackintosh’s Oak room at the V & A – a place where design is explored so fully and conscientiously.’

Lucy McKenzie, Náhrdelník (Necklace), film still, 2023

The work will be exhibited within Charles Rennie Macintosh’s Oak Room in the Scottish Design Galleries at V&A Dundee until July 9th 2023. A co-commission with V&A Dundee.

Featured image credit: © Brian Roberts

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