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Dundee Heritage Trust’s Creative Communities Network


Sharing Not Hoarding
Slessor Gardens, Dundee, DD1 3DP



Aurora Australis

About the Work

Aurora Australis is an installation of images created by Dundee Heritage Trust's Creative Communities Network project; a year-long programme of workshops that explore RRS Discovery's polar collection and the array of local and global issues raised by climate change.

Working with Dundee Contemporary Arts’ Print Studio and local designer Kate Scarlett Harvey, climate-responsible processes were used to create prints in response to 'Aurora Australis', the first book to be created, printed and published in the Antarctic on a mission led by Ernest Shackleton from 1908-1909. Exploring the well-known traditions of creativity aboard RRS Discovery whilst on long historic missions, the group reflect on creativity and how it can help them cope through times of political, economic and climate unrest.

The project is supported by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, Dundee Heritage Trust and Sharing Not Hoarding. 

Image Credit: An original copy of ‘Aurora Australis’ from the 1907-1909 Antarctic expedition led by Ernest Shackleton. Courtesy of Dundee Heritage Trust.



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