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Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley


Arthurstone Community Library
5 Arthurstone Terrace, Dundee, DD4 6RT

Keiller Centre
3 Chapel St, Dundee, DD1 1DQ


Both venues: 7pm–1am

THE LACK : I knew your voice before you spoke

About the Work

With this ambitious new commission, Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley alerts us to meteoric gulfs in the world as we know it. The earth has changed and the choices we make now will reconstruct how we navigate it. Presented at the historic Arthurstone Library in Stobswell, Brathwaite-Shirley presents an art video game that allows audiences to interact and perform with the work. The decisions taken by participants will influence every element of the world being created throughout the course of the evening. 

At Keiller Centre audiences are invited to imagine their own “mid-apocalyptic” resetting of the world, through zine making and poster printing. Audiences can choose their own story, make their own game, and consider what they would do, what they would be, and even reconsider the very particles of their being, in Brathwaite-Shirley’s proposed new world. In collectively creating this new sphere, prints, zines and ideas will fill the space throughout the night. 

Brathwaite Shirley says:

The voice of a lost God has returned to earth, changing the fabric of the world as we know it. These changes favour no one and instead shift the world towards chaos. As the world shifts its ripples reorganise the DNA in everything, making what was once impossible, possible. Two bodies cross paths during this time. Two bodies with secret orbits. Two bodies battling as, married, insecure, desperate, fetishised, cheating, unlucky

Both of them are running out of time. The thing is, the new world they find themselves in will be determined by you. What world will you build? What references will you bring? What mistake will you make? You will make mistakes. It’s up to you how to fix these…

Co-commissioned with NEoN Digital Arts and Serpentine.

With thanks to Abertay University.

About the Artist

Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley is a Berlin/London-based artist. They received a BA from the Slade School of Fine Art, London in 2019. Brathwaite-Shirley works predominantly in animation, sound, performance, and video game development. Their practice focuses on intertwining lived experience with fiction to imaginatively retell the stories of Black Trans people. 

Danielle’s work has been the subject of solo exhibitions and performances at institutions such as Villa Arson, Nice (2023) Fact, liverpool (2022) David Kordansky, LA (2022) Project Arts Centre, Ireland (2022); Skänes konstförening, Malmö, Sweden (2022); Serpentine (2022); Arebyte Gallery, London (2021); QUAD, Derby, England (2021); Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo (2021); Tate Modern, London (2020); Focal Point Gallery, London (2020); Science Gallery, London (2020); and MU Hybrid Art House, London (2020). Their work has been included in group exhibitions at institutions such as Julia Stoschek Foundation, Berlin (2022); Münchner Kammerspiele, Munich (2019); Les Urbaines, Lausanne (2019); and Barbican, London (2018).

Instagram: @Ladydangfau

About the Venue

Arthurstone Library is one of five Carnegie Public Libraries to be opened in Dundee, and one of three to continue serving their intended purpose. Opened in 1905, it is the oldest public library in the city. With ornate tile work, and details of the historical reading rooms – this venue in the heart of Stobswell has been opened up to Art Night through the Stobswell Forum who are based on the upper level. Stobswell Forum is a place for residents to get involved in their community, to give suggestions on how to shape the local surroundings and share concerns around local amenities. Their hub at Arthurstone Library welcomes the community through a range of programmes and public events. 

Situated in the heart of Dundee’s city centre, sometimes referred to as a hidden gem of possibility - the Keiller Centre is currently being reimagined as a creative hub through new management. Opening its doors in 1979, the undercover market still hosts newspaper, nickel ’n dime, and locksmiths businesses - but is also home to Federation Gallery, Volk Gallery and NEoN Digital Arts.

Extra Info

  • Arthurstone Library has fully accessible access.
  • Keiller Centre has accessible access, but no accessible toilet facilities. 
  • The installation at Arthurstone Library involves video game footage containing flashing lights and loud sonic experiences. 
  • Zine and poster making is self guided, with written prompts from the artist.

Image credits: Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley portrait, Dan Weill Photography; Danielle Braithwaite Shirley, THE LACK: I knew your voice before you spoke, video game stills, 2023; Arthurstone Library venue image, Alistair Wilson.



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