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Dundee Women’s Aid


Dura Street/Harriet Street
Dundee, DD4 6SU



Journey to Connection

About the Work

Co-designed by Connecting Women Project participants at Dundee Women’s Aid (DWA), Journey to Connection showcases a collaged reflection of each contributor's personal journey. Presented on a prominent city billboard, contributions have been received from DWA’s Walking, Craft, Book and Writing Groups.

The Connecting Women Project at Dundee Women’s Aid works to bring women together who have utilised DWA’s services after experiencing domestic abuse, giving them a safe space to reconnect; to build up self confidence and remove them from isolation. 

Dundee Women’s Aid would like to thank all our women who helped out in so many ways! Art Night and Dundee Women's Aid would like to thank University of Dundee Archives for their support with this project. 

Image Credit: Courtesy of Dundee Women’s Aid.



Art Night