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Federation Gallery


Keiller Centre
3 Chapel St, Dundee, DD1 1DQ



Keiller Nights

About the Work

Federation Gallery invites Art Night audiences to join them for an evening of glam rock, flamboyance, glitter balls, flairs, big hair, soul, funk and disco in the Keiller Centre!

Join Connor Liam Byrne and their electric band The Bad Kisses, the torch holders of all things glam rock, massive choruses and bombastic guitar solos, from 9-11pm. From 11pm-1am, see the return of the 'Pink Flamingo'; DJ RHL. Dance into the wee hours with the best of soul, funk and disco! 

Federation Gallery is a Contemporary art gallery based in the Keiller Centre. They are passionate about exploring important work by new talent, working with emerging artists and dedicating space for artists to explore, develop their practice and showcase creativity.

Image Courtesy of Federation Gallery and Connor Liam Byrne.



Art Night