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Hot Chocolate Trust


Hot Chocolate Trust
The Steeple, Nethergate, Dundee, DD1 4DG



LTD Edition

About the Work

LTD Edition is an interactive installation showcasing young people’s art and culture. The project explores the concept of young people as works of art, invoking themes of perception, objectification, and societal gaze. The evening promises to offer a rare glimpse into the wonderful world of Hot Chocolate. 

“We are all, I would say, limited edition. There’s not another person like us. There may be someone that looks like us but there’ll never be another one of us… so if it’s possible for me to be myself then I can create something different. And unique.” - Hot Chocolate Trust Young Person

Hot Chocolate Trust works to grow community with young people in Dundee, using innovative approaches to support them on their own terms and to do extraordinary things together.

Image © Hot Chocolate Trust



Art Night