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Open/Close Dundee X EH9 Espresso


EH9 Espresso
248 Perth Road, Dundee, DD1 4LL



Billboard Gallery

About the Work

Working in conjunction with independent coffee bar EH9 Espresso, Open/Close Dundee have developed a rotating outdoor mural space on the coffee shop's exterior titled Billboard Gallery

The first gallery instalment is designed by Dundee based artist Matt Gow, who specialises in creating abstract, narrative based illustrations. Matt holds a passion for publications and printmaking, as well as editorial illustration and animation.

Billboard Gallery aims to create a self-perpetuating, outdoor gallery space, displaying works for a minimum of 6 months. An exclusive, limited edition print series will be sold in EH9 Espresso of the piece, the profits of which will go towards commissioning the next artist. 

Image credit: Billboard Gallery, Matt Gow, Open/Close Dundee X EH9 Espresso, 2023



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