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Richy Carey


Baxter Park Pavilion
15-16 Baxter Park Terrace,
Dundee, DD4 7BF


7pm–midnight. Performances: 7.30pm and 9.30pm in Baxter Park.

{stereo - type - music}

About the Work

{stereo - type - music} is a performance, installation and newsprint publication drawing together Richy Carey’s work with choirs, community groups and other collaborators across Dundee. 

Inspired by the city’s rich printing history, the project considers how publishing practices can shape the ways we listen to each other. Recording DC Thomson’s factory floor, collecting stories of newspaper callers, considering the poetics of accents and place with Prof. Maria Fusco, and with guidance from choirmaster Alice Marra, Carey has crafted a soundtrack to emanate from Baxter Park Pavilion.

Inviting us to open our ears and our minds to “the sonics in-between”, Carey explores music that comes from collectively composed scores and reframed printing terminology such as ‘stereotype’ and ‘cliché’. 

{stereo – type – music} sends a cacophony of sound, loud and quiet, out into Baxter Park with two live performances during the evening, in Dundee’s historic Baxter Park, from a super group of singers from across Dundee, including Dundee-based Loadsaweeminsingin’, Lochee Linties, and Duende Voices.

Richy Carey says: 

Publishing in Stereo.  Do you think there’s something in a sonorous solidarity? One that is malleable and open but certainly tangible and enveloping. I think I’m always trying to make works in ways that show that forms of solidarity based on rigidity, intransigence and inflexibility are the most brittle forms of solidarity. That a solidarity rooted in sound can be one which is motive, and enveloping, that is accommodating and supportive, that does involve finding an ethical position to listen (and respond) from within the field, but which relies on actually hearing as much as you can of the whole spectrum of sound.

In July 2023, {stereo-type-music} will be presented as an exhibition at The Tetley, Leeds.

A co-commission with The Tetley, Leeds with support from Creative Kernow and The Elephant Trust.

About the Artist

Richy Carey  is a sound artist and composer who lives in the Isle of Skye. He works collaboratively with artists and communities to create soundtracks and soundscapes – making communal sounds that explore ecologies of authorship, agency and empathy through listening and sounding together.

Instagram: @eist_sound

About the Venue

Baxter Park was gifted to the people of Dundee, rather than to the city itself, by prominent flax mill owners, the Baxter family in 1863. One of the few remaining commons in Dundee, the sprawling park sits at the heart of the Stobswell community. 

The historic, glass fronted Baxter Park Pavilion was also part of the original 1863 gift and has variously been used as a meeting point and site of communing and celebration for local people.

Extra Info

  • The installation at Baxter Park Pavilion is fully accessible but has limited available seating.
  • Timed performances will be outdoors in Baxter Park at 7.30pm and 9.30pm.
  • The free publication will be distributed on the night at Baxter Park, please speak to an Art Night Guide for further information.
  • Care has been taken to plan the most well-lit routes to the park, please stick to recommended routes.

With thanks to the generosity of all the performers, to Alice Marra, DC Thomson, Quarto Press, Stobswell Forum, Helen King, Marlowe Simpson and students of Morgan Academy.

Image credits: Richy Carey portrait, Jassy Earl.



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