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Tai Shani


The Little Theatre
58 Victoria Road, Dundee, DD1 2NU


Screenings at: 6.30pm 7.45pm 9.00pm 10.15pm

My Bodily Remains, Your Bodily Remains, And All The Bodily Remains That Ever Were, And Ever Will Be

About the Work

My Bodily Remains, Your Bodily Remains, And All The Bodily Remains That Ever Were, And Ever Will Be is a fantastical series of filmic tableaux drawing from various genres ranging from horror to technicolour cinematic dreams. 

The work features four protagonists: two characters called ‘Them who Love’, whose relationship is unclear, and who speak of love in a profound, epic, almost spiritual way; ‘The Ghost for Revolution’, who recounts somatic histories of fascism, and ‘The Reader of The Book of Love’ who reads historical quotes from individuals or groups that were involved in non non-violent action.

The film is a poetic meditation on various historical resistance movements and groups, the spiritual dimensions of anti-supremacism, intersectional queer feminism, communism and revolutionary thinking to recognise the emancipatory power of love and pleasure as a catalyst for radical change.  My Bodily Remains… features an original score composed by Maxwell Sterling and Richard Fearless (Death in Vegas) alongside digital animations by Adam Sinclair.

A Co-Commission for Art Night, CAC Cincinnati, KM21 and POR:TA. With additional support from Luminous Foundation. Developed in collaboration with The Southbank Centre, London. Supported using public funding by Creative Scotland, the Henry Moore Foundation, and Museum of London with support from Arts Council England.

About the Artist

Tai Shani’s artistic practice, comprising performance, film, photography, and installation, uses experimental writing as a guiding method. Oscillating between theoretical concepts and visceral details, Shani’s texts attempt to create poetic coordinates in order to cultivate fragmentary cosmologies of marginalised nonsovereignty. Taking cues from both mournful and undead histories of reproductive labour, illness and solidarity, her work is invested in recovering feminised aesthetic modes – such as the floral, the trippy or the gothic – in a register of utopian militancy. In this vein, the epic, in both its literary long-form and excessive affect, often shapes Shani’s approach: her long-term projects work through historical and mythical narratives, such as Christine de Pizan’s allegorical city of women or the social history of psychedelic ergot poisoning, extending into divergent formats and collaborations. Shani’s projects examine desire in its (infra-)structural dimension, exploring a realism that materially fantasises against the patriarchal racial capitalist present. Tai Shani is the joint 2019 Turner Prize winner together with Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Helen Cammock and Oscar Murillo. Her work has been shown extensively in Britain and internationally. Shani has upcoming solo presentations at KM21, The Hague, and CAC, Cincinnati.

Instagram: @taishani

Twitter: @Tai_Shani

About the Venue

The Little Theatre is the home of Dundee Dramatic Society - the longest running dramatic society in Dundee, formed in 1924. In 1936 they converted this former jute warehouse at the foot of the Hilltown into the Little Theatre - a wonderful and intimate venue, with an auditorium seating just over 100 people. A lot has happened in the past 100 years, from performing cutting edge plays that challenged Apartheid, to a number of members going on to find fame. The Society still owns, runs and maintains the building, performing four shows a year.

Extra Info

  • Set screenings of the film will take place every 75 minutes in the Little Theatre, with a more informal small-screen version viewable in the Theatre’s bar - along with drinks, and sound from the film’s soundtrack - throughout the night.
  • Please be advised, this work contains mature themes which are not suitable for children. Parental guidance is advised.

Image credits: Tai Shani portait, Yael Aviv; Tai Shani, My Bodily Remains, Your Bodily Remains and All the Bodily Remains that Ever Were and Ever Will Be, 2023.



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