A new large-scale public art commission is on display this October in one of London’s largest and most iconic marketplaces.

The final edition of a series which has taken place over the past three years, the New Covent Garden Market Vitrine Art Commission will be unveiled to the public, featuring a new work — Remedy — by Sian Fan. Fan is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in London, whose work combines movement, the female body and technology to explore embodiment, spirituality and human experience in the digital age.

Remedy celebrates the resilience, variety, and importance of the New Covent Garden Market, as we all emerge from our digitally mediated lockdown lives. Using photogrammetric scanning the work utilises computer-generated textures from fruits, vegetables, and flowers sourced from the market, abstracting these images to create a luscious cacophony of colour and form.

Initiated and funded by VINCI St. Modwen (VSM) in association with Covent Garden Market Authority (CGMA) and realised in collaboration with UK wide contemporary art festival Art Night – the New Covent Garden Market Vitrine Art Commission has provided a much-needed platform for emerging and early career artists to gain both experience and exposure in a London context as well as showcase exciting, new artwork to a wider community. For the past three years, the partnership has supported artists to realise a major commission along with one of south London’s busiest roads, taking art out of studios and gallery spaces and sharing it with a whole new audience.

In Remedy fruits and flowers seep together, in an undeniably digital, yet innately organic way. They shift and blend seamlessly, creating a mesmerizing and meditative digital tapestry that celebrates the incredible offerings of the market. The textures infuse one another, immersing the viewer in the vast and varied produce, evoking the experience of discovery and exploration.

The work samples scans of over 30 items of produce across the breadth of the market’s offerings, including Romanesco broccoli, Shimeji mushrooms, Japanese anemones and calla lilies. Recorded during visits to the market, the artist was inspired by the unique and unusual produce on offer and wanted to capture the full spectrum of colour and textures available.

It has been created using the process of photogrammetry, taking multiple photographs of actual produce to create 3D scans, and transforming these organic forms into a digital format. This process involves photographing all the way around an object, capturing it from all angles. Software then stitches the images together to create a 3D model. When scanning organic objects, the results are unusual and unpredictable, often including glitches and artefacts that offer a more expressive result than a carbon copy of the object. The scanning creates two files: the 3D form, and the texture file.

The work shifts in tone and colour, across the width of the wall, creating a hypnotic and multi-coloured weave. In all directions, the viewer discovers fragments of unusual, obscure, and specific produce, a veritable garden of earthly delights – and a perfect reflection of the vast variety of the market. For the first time, a QR code is installed alongside the work, which will allow viewers to discover Remedy come to life in an immersive moving image piece.

Remedy by Sian Fan was selected by a judging panel consisting of: Aida Esposito, Founder and Director of creativethinking and Lead Creative Strategist for VINCI St Modwen; Anna Skladmann, Visual Artist; Charlotte Brooks, Art Curator, RHS Lindley Library; Alex Rinsler, Strategic Lead for Culture Nine Elms; Lynn Parker, Collection Curator, Kew Gardens; Josef Vere-Bujnowski, Construction Manager, St. Modwen; Zarina Rossheart, Project Curator for Art Night. The selection process was held in consultation with representation from market traders and CGMA.

The work — 20 metres long in size — will be on show for 12 months on the building façade of the New Covent Garden Flower Market on Nine Elms Lane, London, viewable 24 hours a day to those living in, working in or visiting the area.

For further information or press inquiries, please refer to Press Release here.

For more information about the artist please visit: or follow @sianfan on Instagram.

PHOTO CREDIT: Sian Fan, Remedy, New Covent Garden Market Vitrine Art Commission 2021. Photo by Tom Carter.